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What we do

Our debt collection team is made up of a team of experts who specialize in recovery of debts and order enforcement. Personal debts, enterprise debt, insolvency debt or whatever type of debt, we will recover it for you. We don’t look at the size of your debt since we understand it is of value to you and that it has to be paid back. From experience, we know recovering a debt is no easy task, and that is why you should relax and consider hiring trained professionals like us to assist you.

We offer debt recovery services to both small and large businesses, and we don’t look at the amount of the debt, but rather the value to you. Small and large debts are given the same attention and urgency. Debt recovery comes along with disputes, thus we offer resolutions to these disputes to give all the parties involved a solution that is satisfactory. Should the recovery need liquidation of assets, we have a team of insolvency consultants who will help with that process.

Why you should work with us

We have been in the debt collection industry for over 10 years and we have been able to recover millions of debts for our clients. We have a 90% success rate for all the cases we have taken. We attribute our success to the professionalism we use, and our tactics are effective and sincere.

We know your image and name is important, and protecting these is part of our job. All the techniques we employ are within the confines of the law in Singapore and internationally, and we don’t engage in methods such as aggression and threats that might get our clients in trouble with the law.

The rates we charge are also friendly and affordable, and we work to give you value for your money. When you assign us a debt collection task, we move with speed and recover your money as soon as possible. We work tirelessly to avoid the situations where our client might go through long litigation processes in order to recover their debts.

When you give us the job of collecting your debt you can rest easy knowing that you have an experienced and licensed team of debt collectors behind you. You can focus on running your business and we will ensure that your debtors pay you to the last cent.

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