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Debt Collection Company Governed By Stringent Regulations

Are you looking for a licensed and accredited company to handle the recovery of your debt? We are a debt collection agency guided by stringent regulations. We see to it that all our practices are in line with the requirements of the law. We also set stringent rules for our debt collection processes to guarantee the best results for our clients.


Work With Us for the Best Results

We have been in the debt collection industry for more than 10 years and are proud to have gained a strong reputation for providing our clients with high quality services. Our success is reflected by a high recovery rate and we continuously work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our approach involves taking the time to deal with each client’s case individually. We do not believe in a one size fits all strategy. We know that each client has own unique needs and requirements. We therefore take the time to customise our services to ensure that we are able to meet each client’s specific circumstances. It is no wonder that we always have such outstanding results.


Cost Effective Services
Our debt collection services are such that they fit into the budgetary requirements of our clients. We offer a 360 degree approach to the recovery of debt. This guarantees that the debt recovery is not only in full but also in good time.

Our services are available to any client with a legally binding agreement. You may also take advantage of our unique debt recovery approach if you have credit invoices or outstanding accounts.


What Makes Us Different?
We offer a unique approach to service provision for our clients. Our approach ensures that our clients pay for only those services that they need. We offer customised services to suit the specific needs and requirements of our clients rather than a pre-planned package. We provide our clients with services on a case by case basis, which makes our services affordable and completely tailored to each individual client.

We also work hard to recover our client’s debts without having to resort to litigation. We prefer that our clients avoid long and expensive litigation. However, if it comes to that, our in house legal team will be ready to respond to your litigation needs. We will handle the preparation of documents required for successful litigation.

Contact us today to take advantage of the services of our experienced and highly skilled team of debt collectors and consultants. We look forward to hearing from you.